As your customers move through the path of purchase, connecting with them at multiple points strengthens relationships and ROI. Wouldn’t you agree? The increase in digital channels to include mainstream digital mobile, display, search, social and email means an increase in places for your brand to be seen, and your brand must be present to win.
It’s true, 28% of marketers use seven or more providers to manage their marketing initiatives. (Direct Marketing Association).
The Lazov Agency brings scale, precision, and sophistication to your brand. I’m bringing you more value in products that are proven to move the dial.

Digital Display: Awareness and Recall

Your message in front of the right people, at the right time, regardless of the device being used. Digital display banner ads are seen on websites, can be featured on mobile phones, tablets and desktop PC’s. Digital display ads can be 15 or 30 second video or static, or a combination of both. We liken digital display ads to the billboards you are used to seeing outdoors, except now, you can specifically target the audience or “cars” driving by your billboard that matter most to you. Digital display drives awareness and increases brand recognition, keeping you top of mind with current and new customers.

Search: Driving Leads

Your message, present at the moments before purchase, when and where people are searching for products and services. Once a user types in a search to a search engine, such as “home improvement near me”, the search engine returns a list of results in response to those qualifiers. Are you able to be found on the Search Results Page? Do you make it easy for a potential customer to convert to a customer? Are your most important “storefront signs” showing up in the new phone book? Can an interested buyer quickly connect with your address, the category of services you offer? Can these interested buyers quickly see that you have a sale on, or carry specific brands? Just like the phone book, we use keywords to clearly and correctly present your business to relevant searchers. At The Lazov Agency, we do this in two ways:

Search Engine Marketing

Be Found! These are the first results “pay per click” featured at the very top of the search results page. For this program, you pay only when someone clicks on your search ad. We begin this process by researching your brand and service keywords, and the market area of interest, to create a customized recommendation to grow your market-share. Through the course of your campaign The Lazov agency optimizes your search ad based on user behavior, so that your dollars are maximized. Our access to data and what we do with it separates us from other search engine marketing providers.

Search Engine Optimization

In order to improve where you appear in a search engine result, we organize the back end of your digital storefront; your website. Do the search engines know you exist so that they can present your site as a solution to searchers? Does your website fit to search engine rules? Next, we seek out ways to drive traffic back to your site. We do this by highlighting your best brand content, mentions of your brand on the web, and linking these back to your website. This is similar to leaving your business cards for new customers out in high traffic locations, in this case they are digital locations.

Email: Grow your Reach

It’s time to grow your reach in the digital direct mail space. The Lazov Agency offers an additional boost reaching out above and beyond the database you currently have. Our digital direct mail programs are customized to each strategy, to capture attention outside of of your current active clients. When you need to promote your business to new areas, we can nurture leads from start to close and throughout lifetime loyalty. We offer 100% spam compliant targeted audience, in groups of 50,000, customized to your preferred audience parameters.