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What Are People Saying About Your Reputation?

Online reputation management has a great impact on a company’s revenue. Business owners are often surprised and taken off-guard when they experience negative online reputation issues. Some don’t even realize they need to be concerned about their online reputation. A common question businesses owners usually ask is: “Why are people saying bad things about us on the web, and how do we address it?”

It’s true businesses owners can spend years developing a strong brand. It can be unsettling to see defamatory remarks appearing online, particularly harsh criticism, outrageous accusations and even slanderous remarks. Even worse and more common today, the negative reviews on websites that rank high in search engines, can be extremely disappointing. Whether the comments are true or not, such negative search results can and will jeopardize the company’s online reputation.

If you are a business owner and find yourself needing reputation management, our team will implement the right public relations campaigns, off-site search engine optimization and develop a stronger social media presence for you (plus a few more secret ingredients). But heck! We do that anyway, that’s why we know what works. All full time contracts receive ORM as a part of our neat little package. If you’re in the middle of a crisis and need ORM services right away to help pull you through it, a customized monthly plan can be implemented for you.