Parents, Get in the Game™ and become an empowered digital parent! It’s true to say there are real benefits to kids using social media sites like Facebook & Instagram, including increased communication, access to homework and sport/hobby information. Kids also learn to develop a sense of self and are able to strengthen friendships. Much like those professionals that use social media to build relationships and communicate with those that believe in their brands. But, there can be serious downsides to online sharing too; especially when accounts and privacy settings aren’t set and parents aren’t monitoring their child’s communications and connections. Let’s face it, we can’t close our eyes and expect the internet to go away. It’s here to stay and your kid will eventually want to play in the digital world like their friends.

Hire our team to speak to your parent group, organization, church group or employees regarding internet safety, online behaviors and social media platforms trending with today’s youth. We’ll come to your organization with an informative and helpful presentation giving you the knowledge, confidence and tools you’ll need to keep your child safe on the internet playground.

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