Four Twitter Strategies Proving Content Marketing Success

twitter-logo-1In the digital marketing world, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms for companies today. How can you ensure you’re Twitter marketing campaign is on the right track? Consider these four easy-to-follow tips in terms of content marketing.

1. Celebrate & Share the Humor in Daily Tweets

Savvy content marketers have fun with their tweets & see the humor in social media posts. They actually chime in on the humor and are quite funny themselves. Try not to take things too seriously when tweeting and do show your human side. Of course, don’t lose sight of the fact that Twitter should be used as a professional tool, but one can promote professional content and add a funny spin on company promotions at the same time.  This idea tends to touch more readers and ensures real life connections with your followers.

2. Leverage Multimedia Content Every Chance you Get 

Twitter might not be the main platform for sharing photos and videos, but it does help your outreach, especially when videos and photos are shared. Twitter allows photos to promote multimedia content that has also been posted on your website, blog or other social media accounts. Social Media Examiner recently reported content of over 2 million tweets sent by thousands of users over the course of a month, showed that adding a photo URL to your tweet can boost retweets by an impressive 35%.

3. Cross-Promote, Cross-Promote, Cross Promote

Cross-promotion is done everyday and is a common way to help you understand how your future clients find you and how likely they are to convert over to your business. We’re sure you use many other social media platforms too but Twitter can be a great tool for finding new prospects and for teaching you how to target key buyers.

4. Mind Your Reputation

To keep your company’s Twitter account up-to-date and successful, follow the recommended 4-1-1 ratio: For every tweet that advertises a new product, company event, or sale, tweet out one retweet from a third party and at least three tweets that promote noncompetitive content from sources other than those from your business. This should be done every day. This is a great tip to keep your followers interested in what you have to say in relation to your industry demographic.


By Shannon Lazovski