How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

Content CalendarIf you are a social media manager or have a leadership role and manage social media for your business or brand, it’s essential to have an organized calendar of posts, events, and tasks to stay on top of things.

A content calendar won’t stop last minute things from happening, nor will they slow down your client’s “emergencies,” but it will keep you on track and organized. And then, when the last minute demand steps in front of you, you’ll know exactly how and when to handle it because your content schedule is already in order.

What do you add to your content calendar? Calendar entries should consist of brand events, happenings, charitable relationships and collaborations, celebrations of employees and staff and community events relevant to your business. Enter posts for each day of the week. For example, you may post videos every Monday; article links every Tuesday, upcoming weekend community events on Thursdays and your blog or staff posts on Fridays. Show consistency with recurring content themes like a throwback Thursday (#tbt) post or a motivational Monday (#MotivationalMonday) post. Add those to your content calendar as well. As you enter your recurring content week after week, you will see the gaps where you’ll need additional content, so get creative!

Always consider the content for each social media platform. While you may only post 5-6 times a week on Facebook (yes that much, we are aggressive here at The Lazov Agency), you may post ten times a day on Twitter. Your content calendar should reflect your habits and must be consistent at all times.

Follow the steps below to create an intentional plan for your content. Once established, be sure to follow through with your content calendar. This is to help you and to make your job easier. And remember, it’s also for the sake of your business and your audience. You could blow it off and forget social media, but if you do that, you mine as well personally walk your customers to your biggest competitor. Wouldn’t you want to gain more customers and sell more products? You’ll see real, measurable results if you follow my rule of consistency and the following guidelines.

Choose a Calendar

Whether you’re an old school paper calendar user or super digital and a fast typer, choosing a calendar that works for you (or your team) is very important. Choose something that you are comfortable with and one that you’ll stay interested in.

Organize Your Calendar

Both digital calendars and paper calendars are available to color code. Color-coding is my way of keeping clients separate, and I love to stay on task and be super efficient. Like I mentioned above, add all reoccurring events first and then add the branded content that has zero deadlines but needs to get out. Organize dates, events, hashtags (reoccurring content), and opportunities.

Make Time for your Content Calendar

So you have a calendar. Now you have to schedule a time to make it work. I add entries to my calendar one – two months ahead of my client’s schedules. I also look at my calendar every morning between 6-7 am to make sure I’m on task before the day ahead. This may not work for you, and that’s okay. Figure out a time that works for you to make sure you stick with the plan.

Accept Spontaneity

Having a well-organized, planned schedule will easily allow you to accept spontaneity. Yes, it may be stressful at times, and you may have to juggle a few things, but with your organized posts and thoughts on the calendar, it will be easy to see how to squeeze in an unexpected request.

Share your Calendar

If you have a team to help you, by all means, share the calendar and make sure everyone is on board with what you are planning. A good content calendar will make sure everyone is on board, not just you.

There you have it — my tips on how to create a content calendar and to stay focused. Once you start executing the strategy you created, then you will see real results, and you will feel more comfortable handling social media accounts.


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By Shannon Lazovski