Detroit Fashion News

A website merging compelling fashion and beauty editorial keeping fashionistas within the city of Detroit and beyond in the know on current trends, events and related fashion news.

Detroit Mommies started back in 2009 after Courtney Velasquez Lawless moved from Southern California to Rochester, Michigan where she encountered no online resources of family friendly events going on in the Metro Detroit area. Throughout the years, Detroit Mommies has grown into a place to share favorite recipes, DIY inspirations and crafts, product reviews, fashion finds, home school tips, beauty tips, travel and other relevant news for metro Detroit families.

Glamorous Moms

A leading content destination catering to the fashion, beauty and luxury travel audience, Glamorous Moms™ serves women ages 18 to 62. Glamorous Moms™ has been running for eleven years and is powered by blogging expert and influencer Shannon Lazovski. Since her teen years, Shannon has celebrated, supported and promoted brands she adores. Growing up, she found a place to fit in the beauty pageant world and behind the photographer’s lense. Being too short for runway but loving the business, she found herself excelling at promotional modeling for local businesses and the auto shows. Little did she know, this was early professional training for her current spokesperson, affiliate, blogger and influencer marketing contracts she manages today. After years of experience and excelling with her own digital presence and with the promotional world quickly turning social, small businesses began hiring her to manage their digital reputation and social media. They also have hired her to speak at conferences and represent their brands at business meetings and reveals. Her blogging and online voice always has a positive and trusted view which is quite refreshing. Glamorous Moms™ provides; fashion tips, travel destinations, trend alerts, and beauty tips for women who like to stay in the know on all things hip and stylish not to mention helpful service and product reviews and fun giveaways. Glamorous Moms is intended to celebrate glamorous brands for moms who are glamorous inside and out.