Twitter Chats

Twitter chatTwitter ChatIf you have a Twitter account, then more than likely you’ve heard the term “Twitter Chat”. Twitter chats are beneficial to brands and businesses by giving them the opportunity to connect with customers, increase their brand awareness and build a positive reputation and credibility.

Twitter chats consist of Twitter users brought together at a certain day and time to discuss a specific topic. Mostly the topic is regarding a brand and their services and/or products. A designated chat hashtag is used during a twitter cat to separate the conversation form the rest. Most of the time, a brand representative will host the chat or hire a host to run the chat for them. For those interested in running a Twitter chat but need to learn more first, Tweet Reports or Tweet Chat  are two good resources that will provide a list of scheduled chats for one to review.

While you do your Twitter research, just follow a Twitter chat and not actively engage. This is often called Lurking, but no harm is done if all your doing is paying attention. Once you start engaging in the conversation, your brand and presence is immediately available for credibility giving those awareness that you exist. Many Twitter chats allow the opportunity for participants to introduce themselves at the beginning of the chat. If you’re participating on behalf of a brand or business, it’s common courtesy to let the other participants know who is behind the tweets.

During the chat, be sure to keep your tweets within 140 characters and bring up several main points you want your audience to know regarding your brand and products/services. Be sure to have your facts straight and share your knowledge and expertise with your audience. It’s important to hold a conversation and build relationships during the chat. Be sure to retweet their tweets regarding your subject and thank them for the shares, tweets and participation. It’s always good to maintain those relationships after the chat is over. If all goes well, you will gain new followers and gain support on your other networks if the individuals are as social as you are.

Now that you know the basics of a Twitter chat, practice your skills by participating in a chat you are interested sometime within the next couple of days. Make sure you are an active participant and it’s about a subject that interests you. More than likely, you’ll enjoy it and learn a few things from your experience as well.




By Shannon Lazovski